Rack Addik



KELLY DEMPSEY is a self-taught fashion designer following her innate eclectic need-to-create instincts. 

Shortly after landing runner-up on Season 14 of “Project Runway," Rack Addik was born.  As the founder and creative force behind the brand, Kelly implements the importance of "marching to your own beat" and daily self assurance; in turn pushing her unconventional theory of fashion to all new levels.  

Dempsey embraces fashion as a creative outlet, and as a child, her mother ran a handmade craft store out of their home in Western MA. Kelly spent countless hours watching her mother create anything from wind-chimes made from forks, to hand sewn bags. After growing up and being ridiculed for her beloved thrift store finds, Kelly felt a deep desire to make her own clothing at a young age. Today, Rack Addik stands strong in celebrating everyones own individual imagination.  A product of a creative space, Kelly's knack for design has quickly made a name for herself throughout the industry.


Confidence is key. I am definitely not afraid of doing something completely different than what everybody else is doing. I actually revel in it, and see it as an opportunity to establish my own lane. I also look at being self-taught as a chance to handpick the desired skills and techniques that continually build the designer I am today.
— Kelly Dempsey

'Good Morning America' Unconventional Design Challenge

Age: 34
Hometown: Monson, MA
Favorite Designers: Alexander McQueen, Betsy Johnson, Jeremy Scott, Heatherette

Cover and Look Book Photographer- Dana Tarr Photography & Richard Bertone

Product Photography- Apex Visuals & Luvia Garcia